Dermo-soothing and dermo-protective line for sensitive dry skin, particularly indicated in the adjuvant treatment of allergic and irritative contact dermatitis.


Topical line adjuvant in all drug therapies related to the resolution of inflammatory and allergic contact dermatitis. Suitable in all cases where a protective action against irritable external agents is necessary. It has a soothing and skin reconstitution action in general.


Barrier Cream

Protective barrier cream for cutaneous use, made in water-in-oil emulsion, containing zinc oxide and aloe, it has a pleasant green color, to chromatically contrast the redness of the skin. Thanks to its balanced and natural formulation, it can be used for a long period on all areas of the body, even on large areas of the skin (trunk, legs, arms, etc.). It can be used alone or as an adjuvant to other topical and systemic therapies. To be applied once or several times a day depending on the indication of the specialist.


Cleansing oil

Cleansing and moisturizing oil for cutaneous use, containing jojoba oil. Slightly foaming, it can be used for a long time and on large areas of the body. In daily use it can replace normal rinse detergents or used on particular areas to soften particularly dry skin.


Nitrile Gloves

Protective synthetic gloves, made of nitrile and completely free of rubber and dust. Totally hypoallergenic product, optimal in all situations where you need to protect your hands from external irritable agents. They can be used daily in chronic diseases or as occlusion gloves for drug therapies of contact dermatitis and inflammatory diseases in general.


Body Cream

Super moisturizing delicate fluid cream, protects the skin by not leaving it greasy. Optimizes the efficiency of cell reproduction of the skin and protects it from external agents. Natural adjuvant for drug therapies (DIC and DAC), it has a soothing and restorative action. It is particularly suitable for dry skin, and its continuous use is useful in naturally counteracting the irritative and pro-inflammatory phenomena associated with dry skin. To be used every day on the affected areas of the trunk and massage until completely absorbed.


Detergente Mani-Piatti

Particularly suitable for those who do not tolerate common detergents, it only contains surfactants obtained from vegetable raw materials. Rich in olive oil and coconut oil, it has a profound emollient action. It has a sanitizing action thanks to the presence of ethyl alcohol and antibacterial active ingredients. It is effective and easy to rinse, low foaming, perfumed with the presence of only essential oils. The particular composition and neutral pH make the product suitable for sensitive and delicate skin in daily use for hands and dishes in general.