Fluorexin is our most innovative product, based on fluorescein, it has been formulated as an adjuvant in the pharmacological therapies of pathologies with possible microbial proliferation: sores, fissures, burns, bacterial intertrigins, mycotic intertrigins, in the superinfections of atopic dermatitis and in the natural treatment of supporative hydrosadenitis.

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Topical adjuvant line in all drug therapies related to the resolution of inflammatory and allergic contact dermatitis. Suitable in all cases where a protective action against irritable external agents is necessary. It has a soothing and skin reconstitution action in general.



Antimicrobial and anti-exudative lotion for cutaneous use, in aqueous 2% fluorescein solution, with dropper. It does not cover the lesion and can be used for a long time and on large areas of the trunk. Adjuvant in all drug therapies related to bacterial, mycotic or psoriatic intertrigins. In all the problems related to strong exudations and where it is necessary both to dry and to protect against bacterial and fungal over-infections. Excellent for fixing the active ingredient of other products. It can be used alone or in synergy as a therapeutic adjuvant once or several times a day, or according to the advice of the specialist.



Anti-microbial and anti-exududative powder for cutaneous use, with micronized zinc oxide in solution with 0.5% fluorescein and tea tree oil. Adjuvant in all pharmacological therapies related to interactions of bacterial, mycotic or psoriasic origin. It is able to perform in synergy a marked non steroidea anti-inflammatory action suitable for plantary hyperhidrosis and digital intertrigines in all the problems linked to strong exudations and where you need more than dry to sooth the area.


Cleaning foam

Anti-microbial cleansing foam for cutaneous use, in liquid solution, with pump dispenser adjuvant in all pharmacological therapies related to intertrigion and bacterial, mycotic or psoriasic infections. It can be used daily on large areas of the trunk and mucoses suitable as an intimate detergent. It cleans the skin and mucoses in a delicate way and is able to protect from bacterial and mycotic infections.