Topical line created as an adjuvant in the natural treatment of fungal infections of the skin, in particular in subjects tending to pityriasis versicolor.


Topical adjuvant line in all drug therapies related to the resolution of inflammatory and allergic contact dermatitis. Suitable in all cases where a protective action against irritable external agents is necessary. It has a soothing and skin reconstitution action in general.


Mikase Lotion

Spray lotion, cosmeceutical of natural extraction, suitable for impure skin and with a tendency to fungal infection, containing Thyme, Undecillenic Acid and Tea Tree Oil. To be applied once a day, with the spray, directly on the affected area of the trunk and leave to rest for the whole day. If used for prevention in people at risk (swimming pools / gyms), apply 1-2 times a week or according to the advice of the specialist.



Liquid detergent with natural antimicrobial and moisturizing action, for topical use, containing Thyme, Lemon and Undecillenic Acid. Particularly delicate, it can be used for a long time and on large areas of the body. Cleanses thoroughly without affecting the normal balance of the skin. Also suitable for seborrheic and impure skin in general. It can be used daily as a normal cleanser, applying it on the skin and massaging for about a minute. Rinse with plenty of water.