Dermo-ophthalmic line, protective and soothing, has been formulated for the prevention of dermo-ophthalmic disorders related to blepharitis, dry eyes and the lack of photo-protection of the skin and ocular mucosa.


Topical and systemic line, indicated in the non-steroidal treatment of peri-ocular inflammations, dry eyes, maintenance of the macula and retina and gentle cleansing of impurities and crusts, from eyelids, eyelashes and irritated periocular areas.


VISIOMIR (Capsules)

Food supplement with high dosage of spinach (source of lutein) and astaxanthin in synergistic association with blueberry and vitamins useful for the protection and functionality of the macula and retina. A unique product that combines adequate concentrations of carotenoids with antioxidants and vasoprotectors of the ocular microcirculation. Continuous use of VISIOMIR slows down the formation of drusen, thus preventing senile maculopathy and consequently senile macular degeneration. Useful to improve the level of the density of the macular pigment, it acts protecting the retina from UV rays even for those who wear contact lenses.



Periocular drops with Aloe, Chamomile and Hyaluronic Acid capable of protecting and re-epithelializing to restore an optimal tear film. It naturally prevents inflammation and gives a normal tear film. It combines adequate concentrations of natural active ingredients with a soothing, calming and re-epithelizing action. Valid help in all those ailments caused by eye fatigue, the cause of redness and / or irritation.



Eye cream with Arnica, able to protect, moisturize and soothe eye irritation. Fast penetrating periocular cream with NOT STEROID anti-inflammatory action, moisturizing and anti-edema. It is a delicate cream that moisturizes and protects the skin around the eyes. It assists the treatments of Blepharitis and scaly Blepharoderma, carrying out a natural soothing action. Suitable for sensitive eyelids, it easily eliminates scabs and impurities from the eye areas without irritating and attacking the skin layer.


VISIOCLIN (Cleansing Lotion)

Cleansing lotion without preservatives based on Melaleuca oil suitable for the daily hygiene of eyelids and sensitive skin. Thanks to the absence of detergents and preservatives, it easily eliminates scabs and impurities from eyelids, eyelashes and periocular areas without irritating and attacking the skin layer. Indicated as an adjuvant for the treatment of hyperemic and scaly blepharitis and blepharo-conjunctivitis of an infectious, bacterial and fungal nature. Its natural soothing action is used for the symptomatic treatment of eyelid affections such as barley and chalazion (itching, pain, swelling, redness). Recommended in the prevention of dermatitis, eczema, pruritus sine causa on the eye area.